State of Ceará

Serra da Ibiapaba

Clean air, waterfalls, springs , fountains , natural viewpoints , rich wildlife , lush flora and adventure sports , those are the attractions that tourists find when visiting the Sierra de Ibiapaba . In addition to the legends , artistic events , craft clay, the mills , the bullock carts and cooking petas , sweets , liqueurs and brandies.

The Ubajara National Park is a must for anyone visiting the area attractive . The marked trails and especially the Grotto Ubajara enchant tourists . The region also has a vast culture , as Viçosa do Ceará , which presents an architectural heritage of the nineteenth century , considered a national historic site .

Costa do Sol Poente

The west coast of the State of Ceará is a good option for those who enjoy sports such as kitesurfing , windsurfing, surfing , among others . Importantly, the paradisiacal beaches that tourists have come across as “international” Jericoacoara and the setting sun Mundaú.A Coast is known for its natural beauty , its craftsmanship and its good infrastructure of roads , hotels and restaurants .

Serra da Aratanha e Baturité

Only 100km from Fortaleza , is an environment with a temperature ranging around 17-22 º C. The region is ideal for those looking to enjoy what nature has to offer , such as rivers , waterfalls and mirrors . Fishing , canoeing , abseiling , hang gliding , hiking, horseback riding , cycling and bird watching are just a few ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the region . Besides the exuberant nature ‘s historical sites and festivals and music and gastronomy of the region also call attention of the visitor .

Costa do Sol Nascente

The east coast of Ceará has natural beauties that enchant visitors , such as cliffs , dunes , lagoons and beaches ideal for a nice bath . It is important to highlight the good hotel infrastructure , easy access and plenty of options to buy the rich handicrafts of the region . The Sunrise Coast is home to internationally known as Canoa Quebrada beaches , water parks , and historic cities like Aquiraz and Aracaty .

Sertão Central

In Central backwoods beauty of the landscape , cuisine and way of being of the people of Ceará hinterlands are the attractions of the region , and even for those who enjoy adventure sports region has privileged conditions for practicing sports such as hang gliding , rock climbing , abseiling and hiking .

Sertão dos Inhamuns

The Backwoods of Inhamuns has the characteristics of tourism and ecotourism Scientific Tourism . Other attractions of the area are the cave paintings , handicrafts , representing the arts performed by Ceará ancestors . The location is ideal for the practice of adventure sports , as is ideal places to practice abseiling and nature lovers can enjoy diverse ecosystems such as savanna , dry forest, and the executioner .

Vale do Acaraú

The Acaraú Valley region is washed by the waters of the Rio Acaraú , is said to be one of the most beautiful in the state, this contrasts with the hot, dry climate of the hinterland and the cold of the mountain . The municipalities that make up the region meet the rich architecture of the mansions with the natural beauty serranas.Na saw is possible to find streams , fountains , waterfalls , nature trails lined with bushes, fruit trees , rose gardens and beautiful native rock formations complete the landscape . You backcountry that make up the region , are the forests of the savanna , its cities and its typical straw crafts , embroidery and pottery Massape .

Vale do Jaguaribe

In the Valley Jaguaribe tourists can meet the famous rodeos involving business around the farm operation and the traditional festivals of forró . Other highlights of the region are rural tourism , with major agricultural centers of the state , the historical- cultural tourism in cities that are located around the Rio Jaguaribe , and business tourism , due to textiles and metal pole mechanic.


Region of great natural and cultural wealth, Cariri impresses by lush nature , artistic events , the historical and architectural heritage , the archaeological collection and especially the religiosity of people demonstrated in spectacles of faith and devotion .

Vale do Salgado

Ico , and Orós Iguatu are municipalities that make up the Valley of Salt , this region can be known historic buildings , recognized by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage ( IPHAN ) in 1973 ; dams , ideal for sports and eco-tours and participate in events related to business tourism


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