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We need a strong increase in tourism event in the state of Ceará . But you need to plan that future today. Map this reality by studying in detail the major Brazilian and foreign centers . All tourist entities and the strength of public power must unite around this common goal to give the proper impetus to this project.

Tourism event requires advance. You must invest today to reap tomorrow . Great events will not fall into our laps without a large technical and political articulation is made . First prepare the destination , especially with regard to equipment intended for events , so you can reap the rewards of prosperity in five or more years.

Capturing events requires a plural vision. You need to focus on creating a new, mega equipment for events , as well as in the reform and modernization of the current convention center . The capture itself requires a destination ready and aware of the importance of tourism events . The ceará need not only the support of unions and government agencies , but also the awareness of the society about the role of this sector to the economy. We need the commitment of all to the cause to make our destination more attractive to makers of major national and international events .

The intelligence of this process is the richest spot and perhaps the most important . Captarmos is necessary for investment in manpower through training of qualified and trained personnel to ensure we have a professional staff that dignifies the industry . At this point , Ceará can boast of having a select group of professionals . The entrepreneurial event organizer has with awareness of the impact that events have on a city , mobilizing a supply chain with more than 54 active and strategic segments of our economy . These companies increasingly are trained and specialize in different types of events , whether sporting , technical , scientific , cultural , medical , fairs , among others .

Entire cities change their profile and grow its economy as a result of carrying out well planned events. The event companies collaborating to reduce seasonality between stations , positively involving the entire production chain , from bars and restaurants to lodging facilities and airlines. Proof of the importance of the sector is that we are today, according to data provided by Embratur , responsible for handling U.S. $ 9.9 billion dollars per year , and participated very proud of the fastest growing industry in the world today , the tourism and entertainment .

The Fortaleza Convention & Visitors Bureau is working hard on attracting events to Ceará , contributing directly to the organization of a positive agenda in favor of the event and business tourism and seeking congresses and fairs fill the annual calendar , and linearly concentrated in what we call low season . We need to understand that when we add the funds and efforts , everyone wins . And this reality is unavoidable count with the participation of industry and commerce in this scenario .

Bring on the new convention center and fairgrounds and events! And , with them , the conditions for a few years reposition Ceará in the backdrop of major events , for growth of our tourism and our economy . We can bid goodbye to the low season!

Colombo Cialdini
President of Fortaleza Convention & Visitors Bureau


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